Hey guys.. hello there.. ☺️ hope you all are doing good and trying to be a better version of yourself, and if not,still keep up the spirit tight and high😉

Those who have got acquainted with me by now, know i am not much of a regular blogger in real sense,i still struggle in expressing more than half of what goes inside me !! Wicked i know !! But yeah i do try to keep myself active in the comment sections across the blogs i read through, and for that,have been titled “king of comments” too !! Hahaha ..!! You listening Queen of blogs ?? 😀😀

Infact, i did question for being nominated for this “MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD” around mid feb this year! Why?? Cuz i hardly post on regular basis contrary to what i see most of the other amazing fellow bloggers keep doing, coming up with brilliant write-ups.Well it felt weird to me. LOL … !! 😋 But anyways😇

So who was the person to extend this amazing honor to me… ?!?! Any guess?? ☺️

I tell you, She is My Dear and so talented and spirited Rida . Guys, to let you know she’s among the very first-few who gave me a solid warm welcome here on wordpress. Yes she did !! 🙂 And guys if you really have a passion of blogging(writing), and want to grow with your passion then i must say.., do not waste time reading this piece of award announcement, first go check her blog, give it a follow,( Rida Yumn Ahmed )interact with her, as she is running a blog-collaboration right now, And yeah then come back to my page .. 😬😬

Thank you so much Dear Rida.., you know, i mean it.Love and good wishes to you.. 🙂



Put the award logo/image on your blog.

List the rules.

Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Tell your readers 3 things(facts or anything you want to share) about yourself.

Answer the questions you were asked(if any)

Nominate 10 – 20 people & notify.

Ask your nominees any 5 questions(optional) of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify).

Well here i proceed..,

Facts about me..

  • I am an admirer, not a follower actually.And to admire i dwell upon connections.And for that to happen from my end, i always try to nourish whatever i pursue or get involve with.
  • Not a large-loud party guy.Love.. conversing,engaging in constructive endeavors, nature, long walks , long drives, beautiful minds … 🙂
  • I had this crush since my teenhood, the crush of playing guitar!! I always found it super sexy, sexy like a real conversation 😀 . So last year i finally hopped into this teen crush which i had thought would be a cake walk, as it seemed initially. LOL !! But guys don’t mistake those cool looks and dancing strums on those gorgeous,enticing musical instruments!! They are a big deal to maneuver!! Well i am still struggling with self-learning and practicing schedules but i can still make you smile with the progressions i have learnt till now. I guess. 😉

Now Rida’s question to me is :
”Even if you dance on water, Your enemies will accuse you of raising dust.”
(Your take on it…Can be your thoughts, poem or a story)

My thoughts:-

Dancing on water ?! 😀

Won’t it be a one of an impeccable kind ?!?! 🙂 I would have my two cents on it.. ,

  1. If i get to harness that kind of ability in me,i will enjoy the skill-set and the ripples i create rather than wrestle with those who cannot even appreciate that. 🙂
  2. I believe, “when you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the the victim of needless sufferings.” 🙂

Now the lucky nominees are :- Guys do visit them.. 🙂














My only question(weird) or say Express your views/feelings/thoughts on this one >

Q. If you’re supposed to become an animal, then what animal on this whole planet you would like/choose to become ?!

Happy Brainstorming 🙂

Okay guys .. this is it for now!! See you all around…, till then never forget to take yourself seriously serious 😉

Tons of love to you all 🙂

Published by

Naman Prakash

I believe, Knowing someone is a journey. An organic one! A ceaseless process that requires time, patience and continuous efforts- altogether, within the complexities of sublime human emotions..! Hi, I am Naman. :) A vividly expressive yet plain sailing being, aspiring and trying to be more in Life. Trying to be little more knowledgeable; A better person; A man growing stronger in Conscience and in Being. Each and every day. Yeah.., that's my collective goal for today and the life ahead..! :) What's my Blog about?! Before i tell you that, I must confess, I am more of a thoughtful reader than a writer. In fact, non-technically, i would easily say; i am not a writer, not yet! May be some day i would aspire to change that. Or may be that some day has already begun! :) My blog is about nothing specific though, it is just an organic attempt to reflect and express my feelings, views and thoughts and sometimes the amalgamation of all the three. Basically, i am here to learn, amass, channelize my thoughts, emotions, understandings and feelings into words, steadily seeking what one may call self transformation, instauration and integral growth. Hopefully i will learn, resonate and abubble with you all great and ignited minds; with a bit of You and a bit of me and webs of our eternal conversations..! :) :) I believe, "We design and build world around us by our steady efforts only! Explore, Express and Evolve...!! :) Be Kind. Be Humane. Be Spirited. #Always. And Never Forget To Rescue Humanity With Love..❣️😊

21 thoughts on “MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD :)”

    1. Bhavana.. that’s a nice name ☺️☺️. Hello there Bhavana.. Namasthe☺️( you’re the first one to greet me with this😬). You’re welcome dear.. you write your heart-out,and that’s the magic we all try to harness.. so,its a pleasure meeting you. 😊 Loads of love and good wishes to you☺️.

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