What’s Intense; Love or Love bites ?!

Oh my deep colossal heart, it always finds, Love the more intense, the calm and torrid swirl, it unfailingly typhoons into !

What’s more wild; Love or Sex ?!

Oh my wicked-nefarious self- it perpetually craves for enamor of lifetime, an eternity of love, the chaos of beautiful mind and not just the eleven minutes of forgotten sweats.


Okay, so you must be thinking what an absurd analogy of love and everything else that could simply be listed in manifestation of love physically(read sexually)!

Well it’s not about the manifestation or even the analogy.

It’s purely about LOVE and LOVE only!! Nothing less, nothing in between. I have used this featured image not to enhance the sexual overtone in love but to underline the Heart-Soul-Heart connection! A sacred connection. Please try reading the image itself.

“Eleven minutes” – What does it emphasize ?!

Eleven minutes is basically title of a novel by Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho.

In the novel, he has beautifully weaved around the story line with the connotation of time required to get the sexual pleasure or duration of the sex as Eleven minutes.

A quick Wiki-link > Eleven Minutes

Now, why the explanation?!

Cuz’, it later felt like, i couldn’t do well in expressing it in a better way.

Thank You so much for bearing with this.. 🙏 🙂

©® Naman(Eternal Conversations)

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Calling into the Universe

I am in need of new words

the ones i know and have known for years, work no more..

I am in need of some clinical thinking

the nebulous ones only smother the light in me..

I am in need of new learnings

the ones i have learnt over the years doesn’t make me feel empowered..

I am in need of absolute love

the ones i have had were mere reflection of it..

I am on a desperate calling into the Universe,

I am done being an asteroid..,

I am done being a meteorite..

I am seeking an enormous life in my being

And I am ready for the fall after the great subsequent growth.. !!

I am calling into the Universe …!!

I am calling into the Universe ..!!

©®Naman (Eternal conversations)

The One to begin with..

Do opposites attract?! OR,the Like attracts Like?! #InRelationships ?!

Well i don’t really follow and have never understood the science of relationship or the laws of attractions.Honestly,both the laws & the science creeps me out. Why these are there at first place!! Pheww !!

Who does fall in love by applying so much quantum of knowledges ?! And even if they do, does it ever warrant a real-ever-growing Love for them ?!

I mean We don’t planchet or equate and then assemble the likeliness of staring at same LODESTONE!! Do we??

Love is all about feelings, emotional-physical bonding and shared mutual respect.When in love,it’s all about nourishing that bonding and evolving with it,no matter what!!

It’s a cliche to put but i follow my heart and what it makes me feel in combination with how does certain feelings stoke my brain.Call it rational, i call it putting sheer efforts to make my feelings more certain and prominent.This is how i have understood and grown up with love and emotional acquaintances till date,say for more than two decades now!!

I would say i am technical and analytical by head(academically too.. haha!!) ,but damn!! This technical & analytical theme of myself vanishes every freaking time this core of my heart signals my brain,Dude.. ‘this is it..,you’re in for a swing, you’re in freaking love with this beautiful soul in freaking pieces,to the moon and back ,to the distant another galaxy and to the core of my heart and what not..!! Well this over emphasis is to say.., I am totally in for whatever and wherever i would need to time-jump in order to hold onto the love of my life in this life (or beyond, IDK 😀 ).

But wait.., it does not last! why?!?! cuz of some anomaly?!some non matching laws of attractions or some relationship science going south?!?!

I wonder for the conundrums already knowing the answers for it.

I am a sucker at understanding how Love for some people(and may be most),at a point so dear and bigger than everything else, reduces to absolute nothing?!?!

Is this the magic of Un-Loving?!

I mean is that this easy? To walk away?! Is it?!

We don’t find the One, We nurture it to the point, where we become The One to each other.

But then, if i can love, i can learn to let go too. Isn’t it’s the only way it has to be?! Well.., Never had other choices i guess!

The thing is, we all when in love with the significant other, as we perceive initially; forget to nourish it later at some point of time as we experience life’s thick and thins or anything to everything like that. We expect it to be always in one shade. One shade exalted!!

One shade south, we feel its not working or it’s not worth it!! (Really?!?)

When in hard times, we refuse to work-it in the same direction, for the same cause with the same momentum.We slow down and stop without even realizing it! We do not realize with all our behavioral slacks and life’s umpteen crises.., it is just ‘Us’, and it will be always the ‘Us” , more or less, who can keep driving this exciting “love-wagon” back to the Home..!

One can walk away. One can pause and switch to another love story(ies).., But there won’t be an escape from making it a “WE” to the Home-sweet-Home!

Is there?! Do tell me if you know of some escape route.

So what’s my idea of love?! HAHAHA ….!!

I would rather wish to fall in love with one and skip-a-beat for HER, love her all my life than try defining it!! 😇

But in my senses,Love is certainly a beauty for two beautiful souls working in tandem with all they can harness,create and simultaneously work-it-out to fill the vacuum left by the other one unknowingly or so.

Love is definitely not about seeking constant euphoria but is the courage and will to create most of it together! May be it is the conscience of absolute balancing and nurturing of two souls and it’s spirits! Without ever giving up. 🙂

Am i in love?! 🙂

I want to be. 🙂 I want to be loved by one. A love that runs parallel to time, is eternal and evolving through all the phases of life. I want to celebrate her. I want to celebrate Us and every emotion in between..! And I will.., ‘We’ will. 🙂

I want to be a king — To find Love is the dream of Kings 🙂

Love,Live,Grow.. #together 😉 🙂

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Love yourself first (?!)

Love Yourself first !

We read and hear it all the time right?

It’s true and certainly works wonder for our mind,body and spirit and the positive aura it spreads through us.

But what makes me wonder and somewhat uneasy to dwell with is, why this “Love yourself first” overtone emerges only and i mean mostly when we are hurt, broken, bullied, rejected, dejected or torn apart along the waves of our lives and shores we touch upon..?!

Why it evolves in shape of self worth and self realization only and i mean mostly in these scenarios ?!

WHY ?! … ?!

Can’t we love ourselves second? … And may be third? … Or may be last but all the time, constantly ?! Can’t we just make it the way we grow and live, without unloving somebody else, without being left angry inside, on being left out (by something or someone) ?!

Or without leaving someone out in the sheer pride and mirage of ‘Love yourself first’ thing?!

Can’t we love ourselves without mounting upon us, this ‘me first attitude‘ deliberately in our conscious state of being, that too with a knee-jerk attitude ?!

This kind of feels rude.., cuz this is not the natural way of instilling the idea of self care and self worth. Is it ?!

We don’t have to get through some mental or emotional trauma to realize we got to love ourselves. We instead, must learn to love already from the beginning of our lives through senses and our gradual understanding of self worth transcending self growth. Isn’t it ?!

We give what we generate.. what we create through us..

We reciprocate what we receive, more or less. Mostly.

Though we can always try to share more than what we receive. Each one of us.., in our individual capacity.

And isn’t it the case in every great partnership, mortal or immortal ; in every great human connection we build and nourish through-out our lives and thus balance the two ends of the precious connections .. ?!?! :)

Yes, love yourself, not first but constantly!

Loving ourselves is not about prioritizing this from that, loving ourselves is about constantly realizing the infinity in us.

Loving ourselves is about constantly growing and sharing it through thousand splendid souls and never feeling short of it.

We feel love cuz we have it in us already. All we need a gentle nudge to explore it more.

Yes, Love yourself! Indeed more, but without having to lose the divine in you… 🙂

Let them run away all from you.., but love yourself.., love yourself.. 🙂

This write-up is not against ‘Love yourself first’ practice or advocacy, it is about the attitude in which we end up pursuing it..!!

Hope you’re doing great.. 🙂

Take care of your mind,body and spirit..

‘Adieu..’, till we meet again 😉

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Burn the chaos

I breathe

I breathe the chaos within

A chaos of inextinguishable flames

flames burning into chaos of ashes

Ashes that don’t give up

Spirited and rising again

to assemble and breathe again

I breathe

I breathe the chaos again

to become more than i perceive

to become more than i accede

I breathe

I breathe in emotional paroxysm

Tidal and chaotic

Thunderstruck i breathe again

burning the chaos within

I breathe

I breathe amassing the chaos within

To become more than i perceive.. 🙃

©Eternal Conversations(Naman)

The Coastal Warriors

Fishermen.. Fishermen..,Where have you been ?!

“We have been to the spreads of Kerala to rescue the Human spirits.”

Fishermen Fishermen.., what did you do there ?!

“We carried our boats into the inundated lands to give life to thousand hopes.”

Fishermen.. Fishermen.., who called you upon?!

“Our Human conscience and our natural fighting spirits.. !”


Fishermen, the unsung Real heroes, of real times, real calamity! #KeralaFloods

Fishermen, the REAL SUPERHEROES .. !!

Some Facts:

  • Kerala, the southwestern state of India, is battling with severe flood caused due to unusually high rainfall and large discharge from the dams in the ongoing monsoon season-2018.
  • This is Kerala’s worst flood in nearly a century, taking lives of 370 people, and tens of thousands rescued from affected areas.
  • Apart from several rescue team consisting of Indian Army, Indian Navy, National Disaster Response Force(NDRF), and other state governed forces, the fishermen community of the state played a pivotal role in rescue operations.
  • These selfless fishermen of kerala emerged as the super saviours when hundreds of them decided on their own to brave through the flood waters of the most remote corners of the affected areas in their country-made vessels and effectively saved thousands of lives.

These wonderful Human beings have demonstrated their true grit and have established a rock solid example of human empathy and benevolence in the face of such severe devastation..!

Respect! Respect! Huge Respect to them.. ! 🙏🙌🙏

They are the true Heroes .., Let’s sing them, Let’s celebrate their valor 🙂

#Fishermen #Ordinarymen #Keralamen #RealHeroes #Superheroes #TheCoastalWarriors #Let’sUnite

Being Responsible is Being a Superhero.. !!

Thank you so much for Visiting.. 🙂

Take care.. stay safe and spread Love.. 🙂

And yes.., Happy Eid al-Adha 2018 🙂

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The Great Work!

They say your life is your masterpiece.

What if your reality is steadily becoming your dream!

They say Life is a succession of Battles.

What if the reality is only battles, devoid of successions!

They say We are stars wrapped in skins.

But why our skins take eternity to dazzle!!

May be cuz, the objectivity of The Great work is to create, and one cannot create unless one destroys the old.

So My Dear Heart,Mind and spirit, keep working, cuz patience is Genius. 🙂

P.s. Wearing my Muse-on socks 🙂 #ContemplatingLife

Eternal Conversations (Naman)