Rapes!Society!!And the cock-up in seeking justice only!!!

The American Heritage Dictionary defines rape(s) as:

Rape (n.)

a). The crime of using force or the threat of force to compel a person to submit to sexual intercourse.

b). The crime of using force or threat of force to compel a person to submit to some other sexual penetration.

c). Other unlawful sexual intercourse or penetration, as with an unconscious person or person below the age of or incapable of consent.

d). An instance of any of these.

Well.., fuck unread all of the above.

That’s the opaque definition for some alien worlds, far away on some other planets. For people on earth and particularly in India,rape’s real life definition and ‘men’ involved are evolving on an unimaginable level! These men out there are giving serious existential crisis to even viruses!For viruses, they replicate and multiply on their hosts,but they have not yet started evolving. Okay.. to understand this analogy let’s say hypothetically, that viruses would have started evolving with energy metabolism(that they actually don’t have).Can you imagine the devastation ?? But, apparently, viruses still are far decent,stable and less deadly than men, it seems! They don’t kill the conscience!And these Men..?! Damn… !! How one can describe them?? Fast fucking-self or fast unbecoming-self!! I don’t know… Do you??

According to recent times, we can bundle off these raw definitions of rapes to tell-tale aliens, if someday, some kind of PK (some alien on earth) arrives on earth and wonders what’s Rape !!

For us, in current time,rape has simply become diabolical and heightened as severe human crisis and epitome of men’s conscience decimator, in general, and overall as a big question who we are unbecoming as a civilization. That’s a million galaxy question to ponder and to answer for ourselves.


They say stop rape, they ask for justice , they say rape is a crime.

INDEED! It is.. !!

But why don’t we realize and act upon the fact that with all the progress and human intellect, we still are just hard-becoming a society overburdened with old beliefs, extended patriarchal-misogyny mindset but just pretending to evolving as equals among men and women! We talk of empowerment and women safety, but just-only tweet,post on social medias and stem-winder when something abominable happens with a girl/woman.

We have been reduced to a society, a civilization that demands justice and holds placards after every heinous and brutal event that shakes us to the core but never cares if the justice been provided or just reforms being discussed.It has become a natural tendency of ours to Repent! Curse! And feel gutted till the next shock hits upon us.

Few, like us, blog, few tweet and debate and create an outcry on the failure of government and it’s governing efficiencies!

Off course the Government,the Judiciary and every law enforcement has a major role to play! Not with schemes and reforms only but with solid administrative and law enforcing environment. There is indeed some obstacle and implications at their disposal to frame a law as it’s not an easy task on so many political,social and ethical grounds to make rape and murder an offence attracting capital punishment. But they do need to set an example of instilling fear of justice and stern actions in the retarded minds who think they have been bestowed with a dangling weapon down there, just to flaunt their bestial masculinity.

Given the present scenario,the government,more precisely, The head of the goverment, has the most pertinent responsibility of coming forward with an affirmative national response, rather just stay rhetorical!

All i feel right now is we definitely are lacking ethical leadership! Period.

But again, how far we can be dependent on and blame a government for rapes and murder, on rational grounds?! We can only demand and push them to be prompt, apolitical and sincere in controlling most of it to happen by establishing a network of efficient governance machinery.

Can we really stop rape? Can we really be justified in seeking and asking for justice?! What we as individuals are actually doing for it to stop?! As a society, as a father, mother,brother,sister,friends, neighbors and strangers ?!?! What are we ?!

Rapes cannot just be crimes. And seeking justice can not be a solution or not even could be a sense of satisfaction!

It is definitely not a crime alone! It can not just be!

We can not call, an eight year young brutally raped and murdered by men of age ranging between eight times to double of her age committing just crimes.

We can not call youths and middle aged men raping seventy-eighty year old women committing just crimes.

We can not call it just a criminal mind when a teenage student threatens his school teacher of raping her along with her minor daughter.

We can not call it just a crime when an established father rapes his minor daughters for years.

We can not call a four-month-young infant raped and killed by a man, a crime!! It’s beyond brutal. It’s beyond barbaric.

And so on and on! The assaults are spiraling like never before, unprecedented and chaotic! As if they have been unleashed to engulf the entirety of human spirits and everything it is called Humane for!!

We can not call rapes just a crime, when we are fast witnessing it becoming a culture,a threat to humanity and it’s social order. An esclating assault on human emotions.

Rapists…!! Who are these people, who literally live around us, among us, untraced yet lethal,lurking and breathing venom!! Their one coward strike and humanity rests in pit!!

Yeah contrary to medical researches, i can only come up with terms like moral-retards, men suffering from constant brain-farts, un-dead monsters. A diseased soul may be too!

But may be for all this to reach here, we as a society are solely responsible and answerable! In the race of inventing machines, we are constantly losing the humane side of men.For centuries and with growing civilizations we have let old beliefs and traditions still instilling a notion among those puny sick-male fraternity who think just because they have a soft magic bone hanging down there, they are masculine and supreme enough to penetrate anyone anywhere!

No no .. they are not just criminals. They are the sickest most diseased being, whom the world definitely doesn’t need.

So what can Stop rapes?!

It’s not a chemical or physical process under some hood. It’s an act of unknown sick brains that, firstly, can not be traced and secondly, can not be hoped to be altered anytime soon.

CONTROL !! Yes! A definite yes. To some magnitude.

But how?? By seeking justice for the already dead and ripped to the core soul??By bringing stringent punishments, likes of capital punishment or chemical castrations??

May be! May be it’s the need of hour too. To try to save lives and dignity of human pride.

Question is, would that too prevent it from happening in some far-away or even near-by!! Though Fear of strict laws,active law enforcement can rescue it at times. But we still will be facing the same demons- the undead real sick men.

Let’s not talk about them, the rapists, the murderers and all those whose life and soul just resides in their weak morale, for they had been always been a scar on human conscience across civilizations and over centuries.

Let’s talk about us, we the very sane and humane lot! Let’s talk about it till we reach a point to fix the situation of losing our shine.

We can start from somewhere, start right now. slowly yet steadily. How about that ?!

Besides building a working social order and justice system, we do need to structure a just society, a conscious society, a humane society. May be starting from each family and it’s core values.

Any remedies ??

Definitely !! We people can fight any disorders, we are designed to create and then defeat our own monsters. We are long done with the creation, now it’s time to unite and defeat our monsters- The ridiculous social fabric we have built and are inheriting for centuries.

Let’s begin, Begin empowering our conscience. Let’s begin empowering our children, our girl children, with proper education and let’s begin empowering them with physical and mental strengths,not just for prosperous careers or life but to stand and fight for themselves.

Let’s empower boys and men from the nascent age itself, of their morale and ethics. Let’s empower ourselves as parents, family, friends,neighbors and strangers with our lost human emotions and sensitivities.

In this digital age, let’s unite and not just tweet an outcry or post a selfie but participate and build upon an idea to construct a better, safe and progressive society for our girl child and women.

Let’s participate in rescuing the human spirit, let’s participate in bringing a cultural-social revolution of giving women and girl child their due love,respect and equal ground as men. Let’s start making a humane chain in order to protect the very vulnerable state of our human ethics.

#Society needs thorough introspection cuz’ not just wars, rapes too kill humanity.

##Extinctions might not be just for Flora and Fauna, we and our morale are already heading fast towards Extinction!

This was my first a-bit-longer post and i can easily say, i could not wait any more to express my stressed emotions on a complex crisis of this nature and size.

We can not have exact and immediate solutions for these kind of human imbalances, but certainly the solution is Us only. Are not we??

Thank you so much for staying put on this post! You all are welcome to read,suggest, participate and introspect.. !!πŸ™

Stay safe.. and stay blessed.. πŸ™‚

Eternal Conversations (Naman) πŸ™‚

Representative Image: courtesy : Google (Network18 Creatives)



We fall, we fail.

They hold us, they lift us,

make us stand and walk again.

They inspire and respire us with the breath of hopes and encouragement.

We bluff, we despair.

They with their broken heart and bleeding soul scold us a bit out of their emotional drainage for they are the ultimate undiscovered friends or the true meaning of it.They are our true beloveds who bleed when we do, who fail when we fail.

When we despair,when we are out of hopes and short of wisdom, they fuel their spirits out of oblivion just to propel and awaken our lost and forgotten spirits.

Yes, Parents !! They are the angels, the guardian of our galaxy. The Mortal Gods and the Lord of our Life’s ring.

We Love, We get betrayed.

They love and love us, in all the absolute dimensions.They accept us with all our mistakes and mercurial attributions.They nourish us with all their known-unknown love and benevolence, for we are their true creation.

Yes, parents!! They are the one who take us to the moon and back.They are the cosmic energy that brighten our stars and sweat hard to deflect the fault in our stars.

We children think, we live in the moment! In the time of great human efficacy and endeavors.

We think, we are more experienced with places and the people.

And they just spend their life in one-windowed bricks and mortar in some far away boondocks.

We think they are some old school, old boned and a fiction in a science story.

They Pray! We fuck!!

And call them names and give a chuck.

But oh pretty, the newfangled us,

When we feel fucked,devasted, Parents become Home,Parents become angels.

They might not literally snuggle us, but their presence is there, always there.

Enough to bring sunshine in us.

The thing is, Parents.., they are the words and sentences of our life and We, a blooming etymology of them … !!

And off course, they exist too, the worse of them,too tiny to be called parents,in their deeds and in their actions.

But they, the unkind and ungrateful children, they exist too!!

And if this is the truth of time, then truth is also that,

Every child is the seed,the parent of men and civilizations and the human evolution.

So Let’s Love and care our mortal(immortal) Gods..,Our Parents, the ones we actually breathe in our existence and the ones who actually rescue us, many a times in our being.

We are, We were and We will be


They are, they were,and they always will be.. Our Gods.. (IMMORTAL GODS).

Dedicated to all the wonderful and great parents of all the times …Without you all, men wouldn’t have been able to swear of Humanity and Human excellences over centuries.

Note: We as a children and the present-future parents need to understand and take the fact very seriously that what we will sow today we will reap, most of it tomorrow, and to say that, the world’s humane order and universal peace is quite at stake at this moment. And like they say charity begins at home, then may be to build a better world and bring the human prosperity back on length, we got to learn and revere few cents from our parents so that collectively we all can give birth and nurture to the ever blooming humanity this beautiful planet was supposed to nourish.. πŸ™‚

Stay blessed You All.. πŸ™‚

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Sometimes it’s all about perspectives.Our attitudes. Our Just Attitude, that defines it all for us.

The wise men say.. It’s all in the attitude.. and how we translate it in our life’s myriad defining moments!

Right..!! It’s about standing firm,not giving up in life’s crises. πŸ™‚

It’s about Life’s umpteen situations with an ugly pair of shoes,torn and tired of testing our patience and grit, yet always trying to knock us down.

And in those moments of despair,all we need is an audacious attitude, audacious perspectives.Our resolute,confident and firm standing πŸ™‚

So even in the moments of utter hopelessness we should never back down!

We should always Stay positive! Stay strong!

#withAttitudeπŸ‘‰ #PositiveAttitude πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Take care You All.. Have a lovely day ahead πŸ™‚

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A Ragnarok !! :)

Phoenix !! Yeah right! That mythical bird evolving rising out of fire.

Probably,we all have assumed ourselves to be one of those birds. A time or couple of may be!

But then the bird vanishes.Oops.., i mean that quantum imagination of us being that phoenix out of the flames vanishes in our own ashes of confusion and life’s chaos.

Wholla!! Why the thinning of our pride imagination?! May be cuz’ we try to breathe on some pretty mythical sense of drive or push. But,then again, myths don’t define themselves, we do. We define them for ourselves; to become most of it. There’s a catch in every mythical character’s evolution and the larger than life story weaved behind it.

It’s spirit..! It’s rising…!! It’s awakening….!!!

So what does the rising out of fire symbolizes?! I don’t know to be honest! All i can extract right now for me is., may be it defines purity,wholeness and all those trial and errors before that fire embracing and rising out of it scenarios. May be it means to burn and ash down our(my) every sins, evils and things that somewhere deconstructs us(me) on daily basis.

See,i am saying, i am not pure, i am No-where around better than most of the good souls out there.I am not a saint or a monk either.I struggle,a lot actually,in and out! In my conscience and in my being.There’s a hunger to learn, a hunger to keep on learning.There is a growing hunger to know and understand everything!There’s a hunger to keep myself enlightened all the freaking time yet stay at peace, stay unbroken.But there’s something in me,in some part of me that confines me,my potentials,my vividness, something that deviates me from my trajectory. Like, kind of some demon in me?!A lonely demon may be-trying to trick me?! Or just a stupid one?? Yeah, may be stupid one!!Whatever..damn!! I am so sick of theirs puny intentions. Basically I am a person with huge hahahahas...and of sincere intentions and efforts but these stupid demons have always kept me tickling and dragging. Lord..!! I feel i am just another under performing genius..,may be an underachiever who struggles between tremendous thinking and tremendous performing. HAHAHAHA…. !!!

On a serious note, in me there’s a vastness and in that vastness i am somewhere at faults, at mistakes, regrets and then a mythical phoenix.. !!

There is a real struggle. A struggle to become a person i visualize and eagerly want to see in my own reflections and there my soul dancing in it with all delectations..!!

There is a real struggle to stay the same valorous warrior till the end of the day, the spirited warrior that wakes up with the first ray of light and sometimes with a bird’s tweeting on his window. Everyday!

But i stumble…! Stumble a lot..!! Many a times..!!!

But my nefarious spirit smiles and wipes out all the non-bleeding wounds i inflict upon me.

That’s fun you know! In a way!!

To know, i am the only impediment in shaping up almost everything beautiful. It’s fun to acknowledge the confusion and the curiosity to embolden the understanding who i am and the potential of who i can become.

May be not Phoenix… !! Nah! Not Phoenix.

But i am pretty sure, i need a ragnarok in myself ,a ragnarok of my demonic shells, to reborn, not of ashes but my own eclipsed spirits and not just to survive but to sparkle in brilliance.

I will stumble,back and forth. But i will not quit the chase till i outrun and box my demons and consume it in my fervor. πŸ™‚ Amen.. !! πŸ™‚

” Invest in yourself, your thoughts, your being. Grind your soul. And shine later” πŸ™‚

Stay blessed you All… πŸ™‚

Love speaks.. #2

Hey All.., ☺️

I came across this video today,better say a lovely message,a message that can really rekindle in us the very true meaning of Relationships and how we are so Unreal about our own actions in nurturing those Hearts-union.. πŸ™ƒ

Please do watch this video.. the message in it..!!

And Hopefully, this will give you a change of heart!!πŸ’›

All credit goes to,


To know more about him, follow him on twitter, YouTube etc.

Thank you all.

Keep the promise nurturing and alive.πŸ’ž

Link to the video(and Jay Shetty) : below here πŸ‘‡

Fault in the stars?!?! No.Not at all. πŸ™‚

And do read my earlier post “Love Speaks” πŸ˜€

I Thank you all.. πŸ€—

Eternal Conversations (Naman)

Nefarious smile (:

I skip a beat

Makes me smile nefariously

I know my pains

traverse them every now and then

I know my odds

makes me laugh in-sane

I love it, I laugh it

Every bit of it

My core challenges my mantle

and it’s funny, to skip a beat

My heart acknowledges the rhythm it fits

I skip a beat

I love a bit

Enormously at a time

I love it, I laugh it

Every bit of it

Cuz i know there will be a sunshine

I skip a beat

I love a bit.

Β©Eternal Conversations(Naman)

Image: somewhere from google.


Hey guys.. hello there.. ☺️ hope you all are doing good and trying to be a better version of yourself, and if not,still keep up the spirit tight and highπŸ˜‰

Those who have got acquainted with me by now, know i am not much of a regular blogger in real sense,i still struggle in expressing more than half of what goes inside me !! Wicked i know !! But yeah i do try to keep myself active in the comment sections across the blogs i read through, and for that,have been titled “king of comments” too !! Hahaha ..!! You listening Queen of blogs ?? πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Infact, i did question for being nominated for this “MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD” around mid feb this year! Why?? Cuz i hardly post on regular basis contrary to what i see most of the other amazing fellow bloggers keep doing, coming up with brilliant write-ups.Well it felt weird to me. LOL … !! πŸ˜‹ But anywaysπŸ˜‡

So who was the person to extend this amazing honor to me… ?!?! Any guess?? ☺️

I tell you, She is My Dear and so talented and spirited Rida . Guys, to let you know she’s among the very first-few who gave me a solid warm welcome here on wordpress. Yes she did !! πŸ™‚ And guys if you really have a passion of blogging(writing), and want to grow with your passion then i must say.., do not waste time reading this piece of award announcement, first go check her blog, give it a follow,( Rida Yumn Ahmed )interact with her, as she is running a blog-collaboration right now, And yeah then come back to my page .. 😬😬

Thank you so much Dear Rida.., you know, i mean it.Love and good wishes to you.. πŸ™‚



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Well here i proceed..,

Facts about me..

  • I am an admirer, not a follower actually.And to admire i dwell upon connections.And for that to happen from my end, i always try to nourish whatever i pursue or get involve with.
  • Not a large-loud party guy.Love.. conversing,engaging in constructive endeavors, nature, long walks , long drives, beautiful minds … πŸ™‚
  • I had this crush since my teenhood, the crush of playing guitar!! I always found it super sexy, sexy like a real conversation πŸ˜€ . So last year i finally hopped into this teen crush which i had thought would be a cake walk, as it seemed initially. LOL !! But guys don’t mistake those cool looks and dancing strums on those gorgeous,enticing musical instruments!! They are a big deal to maneuver!! Well i am still struggling with self-learning and practicing schedules but i can still make you smile with the progressions i have learnt till now. I guess. πŸ˜‰

Now Rida’s question to me is :
”Even if you dance on water, Your enemies will accuse you of raising dust.”
(Your take on it…Can be your thoughts, poem or a story)

My thoughts:-

Dancing on water ?! πŸ˜€

Won’t it be a one of an impeccable kind ?!?! πŸ™‚ I would have my two cents on it.. ,

  1. If i get to harness that kind of ability in me,i will enjoy the skill-set and the ripples i create rather than wrestle with those who cannot even appreciate that. πŸ™‚
  2. I believe, “when you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the the victim of needless sufferings.” πŸ™‚

Now the lucky nominees are :- Guys do visit them.. πŸ™‚














My only question(weird) or say Express your views/feelings/thoughts on this one >

Q. If you’re supposed to become an animal, then what animal on this whole planet you would like/choose to become ?!

Happy Brainstorming πŸ™‚

Okay guys .. this is it for now!! See you all around…, till then never forget to take yourself seriously serious πŸ˜‰

Tons of love to you all πŸ™‚